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20 Halloween Writing Prompts for Kids

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The nights are getting longer and there’s a hint of rain in the air. Kids will be playing outside less which means it’s time for inside activities with these halloween writing prompts for kids.

20 Halloween Writing Prompts for Kids

Halloween is a fantastic time to encourage kids to use their imagination with so many spooky and fun things taking place. What better way to get them to use their imaginations than have them writing short stories inspired by the season?

We’ve put together 20 Halloween writing prompts for kids that are sure to inspire and keep them dreaming throughout all the autumn rains.

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20 Halloween Writing Prompts for Kids

  1. Something in the closet made a strange sound. When I opened the door I saw…
  2. One night my stuffed animals came to life…
  3. I walked into the dark graveyard after dark…
  4. A piano player is practicing at home alone and she hears someone clap.
  5. Write a recipe for a magic potion. What happens if someone drinks it?
  6. On a dark and stormy night, I was walking down the street and I saw…
  7. A black cat crouched down and started to hiss when…
  8. What if your best friend turned into a zombie?
  9. What would you do if the costume you dress up for Halloween turned you into that person forever?
  10. Adventurers get lost in a cave that takes them to a strange place. What do they see?
  11. What kinds of things would you see at a pumpkin patch owned by a good witch?
  12. The scarecrow in the farmer’s field has gone missing…
  13. Imagine you were going to interview a vampire. Write 10 questions you would ask them. Then pretend you’re the vampire and answer the questions.
  14. When my Halloween candy came to life…
  15. An alien landed on Earth on Halloween. What strange things would it think are normal?
  16. The door to the haunted house slammed behind me…
  17. Gummy worms have come to life…
  18. While we were out trick-or-treating my friends and I came across a dark path that had never been there before…
  19. Write a story using as many onomatopoeias as you can. Onomatopoeias are words that sound like what the mean like “plop,” “drip,” and “fizz.”
  20. You find a genie who will let you add one new thing to Halloween, what would you ask the genie for?

Bonus autumn prompt:

Imagine you’re an orange autumn leaf floating in the wind. What things do you see? Where do you go?

These prompts will help your kids think creatively and encourage a love for all things Halloween as if they really needed any help. They make a great post meal and snack activity to keep them busy while you’re cleaning up. Imaginations will run wild with all the possible directions they could take the stories in.

Consider saving their writing from these Halloween writing prompts for kids and others in an album and watch how their writing skill grows over the years. The album will make a wonderful heirloom and be the start of a new tradition you can do for every holiday. If you are looking to make it a tradition consider having a look at our Thanksgiving writing prompts, which you can find here.

20 Halloween Writing Prompts for Kids