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How to Save Money for a Quick Summer Vacation

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With all the bills and life events that enjoy robbing your piggy bank, it’s tricky to save anything extra for a quick summer vacation. Yet it’s definitely doable, but you also need to realize that you don’t have to travel to Disney World or Jamaica to have a good vacation.

How to Save Money for a Quick Summer Vacation

It’s not how much you spend, but how and who you spend your vacation with. Here are some ways that might help you save money quicker, than if you keep saving the same way.   

How to Save Money for a Quick Summer Vacation

Sell Bigger Items Around your Home

Do you have any electronics and appliances around your home that are just taking up space? You might have an iPad or an extra iPhone that has just been collecting dust that could bring in a nice wad of money. There might be a gaming system and games that you or your kids no longer play that could be sold.

Take Up a Side Job 

Is there any side jobs that you could be doing to add extra cash into your wallet? All the extra money earned from these side jobs can go directly towards a nice family vacation. Mowing someone’s lawn, babysitting, tutoring, or become an Uber driver are great ways of making extra cash. 

How to Save Money for a Quick Summer Vacation

Intentionally Set Aside Money for 1 Month

Any extra money saved before the month of your vacation should be used mainly for just that, as long as you pay your bills first. You just have to plan on setting that money aside so you can enjoy more on your trip. 

Do a Spending Freeze

This one is hard for many because it doesn't come naturally for man. A lot of families spend the majority of their extra money made each month on clothes, electronics, hobbies, and so on. Until that trip gets here, plan on avoiding the purchase that can wait. 

Avoid Eating Out

Eating out anymore is terribly expensive, especially if you have several hungry kids to feed. Make it a habit to eat at home where you already have food in the cabinet or fridge. While this will take extra planning and time on your part, you will save a few hundred bucks quickly. 

How to Save Money for a Quick Summer Vacation

Suspend the Fun Now, So You can have Fun Later

For the next couple of weeks, avoid going places that will charge you an arm and a leg for families. You might have to skip the theatre, the bowling alley, put-put, and many other activities you may enjoy together.

Try and do something that doesn't cost you any money. Disc golfing, going for a walk, biking some trails, hiking, are some great ways to spend time with your family that doesn't cost you anything. 

How to Save Money for a Quick Summer Vacation

Remember, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a vacation to have a good trip. You could simply find a beach destination, and make a plan to relax there most of the time. 

These are a few ways that you can quickly save up money for a quick summer vacation. What other ways do you know how to save money in a hurry? 

How to Save Money for a Quick Summer Vacation