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Why You Need to Take a Family Road Trip This Year

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Are you trying to figure out what kind of vacation you should take your family on this year?  There are lots of options available to us these days. I mean, you can take a family road trip, you can hop on a plane, experience a cruise or you could even stay near home.

Why You Need to Take a Family Road Trip This Year

All of these have their benefits, yes, but one of these is an experience that I think that everyone should have and that is a family road trip. Family road trips are the stuff that memories are made of and I know that is what you are going for, right?

Why You Need to Take a Family Road Trip This Year

If you have hesitated on taking a family road trip, I get it.  The idea of having your kids in the car with you for a 1000+ mile road trip is actually kind of scary.  You know that there will inevitably be some whining, tears and if you have multiple kids, lots of fighting.

Here is the thing though, yes there will be hiccups along the way, but the good experiences and memories will far outweigh those.

The Experience

I am a firm believer in experiences shaping the mind and soul.  When given the choice, I would choose experiences over things, every single time. I want my kids to be the same way.

Family road trips will allow you the benefit of many experiences at once. Yes, you are headed to a particular destination, which in itself is quite exciting, but the experiences you will have along the way are half the fun.

Think about it.  When you fly for vacation, you get on a plane and you land in your destination.  You miss everything in between.

Why You Need to Take a Family Road Trip This Year

The truth of the matter is, there are some really cool places out there on the road that you will be missing by flying over them instead of driving through and having the opportunity to stop and see them.

It’s almost like multiple vacations at once, in that it’s not just the final destination that you will have stories of at the end of the trip.

Family Time

If your family is like mine and most others these days, you are busy. Between work schedules, school, the kids’ extracurricular activities, and the million other things you all have on your plate it seems like family time is really cut down these days.

I mean, yeah, we are often in the cars together on the way to this appointment or that event, but those times are rushed and last just minutes typically.

We need to spend more time with our families. We only get so many chances to do that before the kids are grown and out of the house.  A long road trip is not only a great way to build memories, but it is a great way to build up your bond with your children.

Why You Need to Take a Family Road Trip This Year

For me, those are the most important benefits of a family road trip.  Yes, there are plenty of more reasons why you should absolutely take your family on a road trip, but these benefits to me are priceless.  How about you?

Why You Need to Take a Family Road Trip This Year