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Movie Review: Into The Woods is Quite Possibly the Best Brothers Grimm Mashup

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Into the Woods is an enchantingly humorous and heartfelt musical mash-up that follows the classic tales of Cinderella (Anna Kendrick), Rapunzel (MacKenzie Mauzy), Jack and the Bean Stalk (Daniel Huttlestone), and Little Red Riding Hood (Lilla Crawford), all tied together with an original story involving the baker and his wife (James Corden & Emily Blunt) and the witch (Meryl Streep). “Into the Woods” is rated PG and is now playing in theatres everywhere!

Into the Woods

Movie Review: Into The Woods is Quite Possibly the Best Brothers Grimm Mashup

“Into the Woods” presents a modern twist to four beloved Brothers Grimm fairy tales, intertwining them as we watch the baker and his wife, a new and original story, struggle with trying to have a family after being cursed by a vengeful witch. To lift the curse, the baker and his wife must first find four ingredients the witch needs for her potion; “the cow as white as milk, the cape as red as blood, the hair as yellow as corn, and the slipper as pure as gold,” all before the chime of midnight three moons away.

As the baker and his wife embark on their journey into the woods to find the ingredients the witch requests, their lives will forever change as they, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Jack each learn you must be careful what you wish for.

Throughout the film, the characters realize the consequences of their wishes based on emotional desires like love, greed, and impatience. As relationships fall apart and lives are lost, the surviving characters; the baker, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and Cinderella vow to band together and rebuild their lives.

For Broadway and screen musical fans, “Into the Woods” will be a big hit. The musical numbers are catchy and pitch-perfect throughout the film.

“Into the Woods” is nominated for 3 Golden Globes including Best Picture, Best Actress Emily Blunt and Best Supporting Actress Meryl Streep. With a rating of PG, children of all ages can enjoy this Disney Musical.

Into the Woods Cast and Quotes

The Witch

Into The Woods Character Poster

So there's no more fuss,  and there's no more scenes, and my garden thrives – you should see my nectarines. But I'm telling you the same, I tell kings and queens: Don't never ever ever, mess around with my greens! Especially the beans!

The Wolf

Into The Woods Character Poster

Hello, little girl, what's your rush. You're missing all the flowers, the sun won't set for hours. Take your time…there's no possible way,  to describe how you feel, when you're talking to your meal!

The Baker
Into The Woods Character Poster

No more riddles. No more jests. No more curses you can't undo. Left by fathers you never knew. No more quests. No more feelings. Time to shut the door. Just  – no more.

The Bakers Wife
Into The Woods Character Poster

The cow as white as milk. The cape as red as blood. The hair as yellow as corn. The slipper as pure as gold.


Into The Woods Character Poster

Mother said ‘be good', father said ‘be nice'. That was always their advice. So be nice Cinderella, kind Cinderella, ‘nice', ‘good', ‘good', ‘nice'! What's the good of being good when everyone else is blind and you're always left behind? Never mind Cinderella, kind Cinderella, ‘nice', ‘good', ‘nice', ‘kind', ‘good', ‘nice'!


Into The Woods Character Poster

Oh… nothing. You just locked me in a tower without company for fourteen years, then blinded my prince and banished me to a desert where I had little to eat and again no company…and then bore twins! Because of the way you treated me, I'll never, never be happy!


Into The Woods Character Poster

And you scramble down and you look below, and the world you know begins to grow. The roof, the house, and your mother at the door. The roof, the house, and the world you never thought to explore, and you think of all of the things you've seen, and you wish that you could live in between, and you're back again, only different than before. After the sky. There are giants in the sky. There are big tall, terrible, awesome, scary, wonderful giants. In the sky!

Little Red

Into The Woods Character Poster

And perhaps a sticky bun? Or four? Never can tell what lies ahead, for all that I know she's already dead. But into the woods!

Cinderella's Prince

Into The Woods Character Poster

Anything can happen in the woods. May I kiss you? Any moment we could be crushed. Don't feel rushed.

Rapunzel's Prince

Into The Woods Character Poster

You know nothing of madness 'til you're climbing her hair… Agony! Far more painful than yours! When you know she would go with you. If there only were doors.

Into the Woods Filmmaking Facts

  • Production on “Into the Woods” began in September, 2013 at Shepperton Studios and on locations throughout England.
  • Stephen Sondheim has received eight Tony® Awards, more than any other composer in history. He has won seven times: Best Music and Best Lyrics for “Company” (1971); and Best Score for “Follies” (1972), “A Little Night Music” (1973), “Sweeney Todd” (1979), “Into the Woods” (1988) and “Passion” (1994). His eighth honor was a 2008 Special Tony Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Theatre.
  • The foundation of the Woods set, built on Stage H at Shepperton Studios, was made up of 2,000 tons of soil, over 600 ferns, acres and acres of ivy and countless pallets of moss and turf.
  • 95 percent of the trees used on the Woods set were real trees, which included 30-foot pine trees and hundreds of 25-foot oak tree branches, the leaves of which had to be removed and replaced with artificial ones (so they would last longer). The remaining five percent were full-sized whimsical trees constructed from plaster.
  • There were four cows cast to play Milky-White. Their names were Tug, Diamond, Two Fold and Pearl.
  • Rapunzel’s hair in the film is 20 feet long. The braid is made from real hair and weighs almost six pounds.
  • The music for the film was pre-recorded over a two-week period at Angel Studios in London With a 56-piece orchestra, composed of some of the best musicians from the London symphony Orchestra and London Philharmonic.

Into the Woods

About “Into the Woods”

“Into the Woods” premiered on Broadway on November 5, 1987, at the Martin Beck Theatre. The production, which ran for 764 performances, won Tony® Awards for Best Score, Best Book of a Musical and Best Actress in a Musical. Among other awards, the musical received five Drama Desk Awards, including Best Musical. “Into the Woods” has been produced around the world, including a 1988 U.S. tour, a 1990 West End production and Broadway and London revivals, in addition to a television production, DVD recording and a 10-year-anniversary concert.

The big-screen adaptation welcomes songs from the stage musical, including “Children Will Listen,” “Giants in the Sky,” “On the Steps of the Palace,” “No One Is Alone” and “Agony,” among others.

The award-winning production team includes: Oscar® winner Dion Beebe (“Chicago,” “Memoirs of a Geisha”) as director of photography; Oscar winner Dennis Gassner (“Bugsy,” “Quantum of Solace”) as production designer; and three-time Oscar winner Colleen Atwood (“Memoirs of a Geisha,” “Chicago,” “Alice In Wonderland”) as costume designer.

“Into the Woods” is rated PG and is now playing in theatres everywhere!

All material has been provided courtesy of Walt Disney Studios.