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Everyday Essentials for Dogs

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Pets. We have them. We love them. And, we always want to give them the best so they can have the happiest life. That's why we're sharing our favorite everyday essentials for dogs. Products made with natural, clean ingredients to keep our dogs healthy and happy.

Essentials for Dogs

Everyday Essentials for Dogs

There's no arguing the pet-care industry has become oversaturated with products, which can be a bit overwhelming when shopping. How do you know you are choosing the right brand for your pup?

Well, we're hoping to make things easier for you by sharing four of our favorite companies, and our pets favorite products from these brands. These brands focus on clean, natural ingredients, created for active families like our own.

We're also featuring two of our favorite ‘fun' products perfect for keeping you dog active and engaged.

Don't forget to check out our discount and giveaways featured below. Happy shopping!

Pet Wants – Wild Caught Freeze-Dried Salmon & Peanutty Cookie

This guy here, he keeps us on our toes. Being a strong-willed, working breed he is in constant need of training and jobs.

Pet Wants Wild Caught Freeze-Dried Salmon is a go-to for our training rewards. Since it’s freeze-dried, we don't have to worry about losing its freshness if the treat is not refrigerated. It's the perfect treat for traveling, hikes, and on any adventure that finds us.

The fresh salmon is Wild caught, NOT farm-raised, from the Pacific Northwest, and a great source of Omega-3 and Omega -6 fatty acids- to help support the heart, kidneys, and brain, reduce inflammation, and helps to repair dry, flaky skin.

Clean and nutrient-rich, Pet Wants Wild Caught Freeze-Dried Salmon has only ONE ingredient, Salmon!

Pet Wants - Wild Caught Freeze-Dried Salmon & Peanutty Cookie - Essentials for Dogs

Training can't be all work and no play, and we believe every training session should end with a little fun, like a tasty game of catch.

Pet Wants Peanutty Cookie is the perfect treat to toss around and reward your pup after a long day of training.

Made with only 5, human-grade, clean ingredients, it’s packed with all-natural nutrients that enhance your dog’s well-being and increases their quality of life. All while giving them a much-deserved treat that’s made with love.

Pet Wants - Wild Caught Freeze-Dried Salmon & Peanutty Cookie - Everyday Essentials for Dogs

Pet Wants is committed to redefining the pet food industry with clean, fresh, and nutritious pet food. Best of all, the offer free delivery when you shop online at:

Dinovite – NubONubs Meal Booster

Let's talk about nutrition. NubONubs Meal Booster is a 100% freeze-dried meat meal topper that is added right on top of your pet’s food. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, the freeze-dried raw beef increases the amount of protein for each meal to help improve the meat to carb ratio and delivers nutrients and protein to their diet.

Best of all, Meal Booster is easy to feed – just sprinkle on top of their food!

Dinovite - NubONubs Meal Booster - Essentials for Dogs

As you can see, our pups can't get enough of Meal Booster, creating a happy and healthy life for our pup.

Dinovite - NubONubs Meal Booster - Essentials for Dogs

From 02/01/2022 – 03/31/2022, you can save 15% off any Meal Booster flavor for you pet, with the code: BOXX15. Discount code can be used twice per customer.

Shop all the DINOVITE products here:

Champion Pet Food – Acana

Another favorite premium, high protein dog food we love are the ACANA family Linne of products. ACANA dog food recipes are carefully crafted from start to finish, featuring protein-rich animal ingredients that are thoughtfully balanced with fruit and vegetables. It's raw nutrition made simple.

Acana freeze-dried morsels are perfect for spending some one-on-one time with your favorite pup, while their freeze-dried patties are perfect as a meal or a topper.

Champion Pet Food - Acana - Essentials for Dogs

Shop the entire collection of Acana products at: Acana Freeze Dried Food

Multipet International, Inc.

What pup doesn't love to play?

Multipet International, Inc. is the premier award-winning designer and supplier of pet products throughout the world.

Shari Lewis' classic and beloved lamb, Lamb Chop, comes to life with this super soft plush perfect for cuddling. Perfect for dogs that like to toss, fetch, cuddle or play gently. Plus, this plush dog toy's squeaker makes it fun for playtime.

Multipet International, Inc. - Essentials for Dogs

The Globken is an all-new latex dog toy that is all about the sound. Created to encourage movement, exercise, and mental stimulation, your pup will go crazy for its enticing squawk noise when squeezed.

Multipet International, Inc. - Essentials for Dogs

Check out the complete line of Multipet International, Inc. products at:

Always remember to supervise your pet when playing with pet toys. These products should be inspected periodically for damages. Do not permit your pet to continue playing with a broken or damaged toy. Please discard when worn. No pet toy is indestructible. Intended for pet use only.

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We hope you've enjoyed our collection of our favorite everyday pup essentials. Let us know your favorite from our list in the comments below.