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Stacy Molter Photography

Event and celebrity photos from Stacy Molter Photography | California Unpublished | Fancy Shanty are available for purchase under exclusive and non-exclusive licensing options. Purchase options include:

  • Marketing and Promotional Collateral – Use on the cover of a publication featuring the services of a travel agency or tour operators only. Up to 5 million circulations. Electronic and more than one social media platform. Duration 2 years.
  • Advertising – Print, Display, & T.V.  – Use in an editorial style article (any placement – print or electronic) intended to indirectly promote a product or service. Includes right to archive the image in the context of the original scope up to 5 years.
  • Editorial (Web & App) – For editorial web and/or app use only. No advertising, promotional or commercial use of any kind. Coverage includes the right to archive the image in context of the original scope of use for up to 5 years.
  • Social Media One Time Use – One-time use on any number of social media platforms. Circulation based under 1 million followers across all platforms.

Additional image usage rights and prices available. Please contact Stacy Molter at for selection of event photos and more information.

Stacy Molter Photography Photo Licensing, Terms, and Conditions

Rights & Usage: Copyright and all film, prints, media, and digital files remain the property of Photographer. The only rights granted to the Photographs are those specifically set forth above under “Rights Granted/Media Usage”. All other rights are reserved by Photographer. Rights granted may not be transferred or assigned, in whole or in part, whether voluntary or by operation of law without the express written consent of Photographer.

Licensing subject to distribution format, placement, size, versions, quantity, duration, indemnification, severability, and cancellation fee if applicable.

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Celebrity Photography

All images copyright © 2020 Stacy Molter Photography.

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